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7 Things to Consider When Getting Garage Doors

Adding beauty and striking aesthetics to your home’s interior and exterior is one thing you should take important, and your garage is a place you can start with. Giving your garage an exquisite look is worth it. You do not want your garage looking like the entrance to an underground Meth lab. That would be weird right?

Now that you have decided you want to get a door for your garage, you seem confused and you don’t know what to look out for. This is probably your first time or you are looking to change your current garage door due to one reason or the other. Or probably you know what you want, but you cannot decide between Steel-Roll Up doors or Copper Elite Doors.

This article would point you in the right direction, and help you make up your mind. We will lay the various options out there in the market, particularly around Ontario, Canada.

1. Budget

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the first thing on the list. The more money you are willing to spend, the more options you would have. A good garage door costs as low as 500$, and if you are making an economical decision, Steel Door tend to be less expensive compared to other garage door materials.

Depending on what you’re looking to buy in style, material, and mechanics, the price will vary. For example, in most cases, Wood Doors cost more than Steel Doors, and Fiberglass doors cost more than most. Royal Garage Doors has different options depending on your budget, you get to choose from a variety of garage doors and installation services are inclusive.

2. Choosing Between Manufacturers

There are a bunch of door manufacturers around and you have to consider a few things when choosing who to buy from. The first thing to look out for is how established the brand is in the field of door manufacturing. There a quite a few around with established names like Clopay Garage doors, The Home Depot, and Amarr Garage Doors, amongst others which are all available at Royal Garage Doors .

You could call us if you have something in mind, and if you are undecided on what brand to get you could look through our extensive catalogue to arrive at your decision too.

3. Choosing a Door Style

Three major door styles to choose from are the Traditional Style, Carriage House Style, and Contemporary style. A traditional style comes from the style of doors used during the early world civilization, the kind of doors used for the Barns & Stables of Royals. If you want your kids to thank you for giving them a Prince of Egypt styled garage door where they can play as Princes and Princesses of Ancient Egypt, you should get a traditional styled door.

For people that grew up in houses with barns and fenced farms, you might be familiar style. The Carriage styled door gives the feel of playing on your farm as a six-year-old kid again. Wood is the material that suits this style the most. A Copper Elite door with an Iron Walnut color is an excellent choice if you are going for this style.

The Contemporary style has a more modern theme, a minimalistic feel. It complements the modern style of architecture these days, and if you are looking to stay in the present and embrace change in simplicity, then this style of garage door is just for you. Whatever look you are going for is available at our shop, we provide a range of payment options that make it flexible to make payment for your order.

4. Door Type

There are quite a lot of them out there, but we will focus on five types of door options you should check out. The first is the classic Roll-Up doors. They are mainly made with Aluminum or Steel. As the name suggests, their mechanism rolls up the door like a roll of toilet paper. This is one of the classics, and most times it is remote controlled.

The next one is the Slide to Side door types. These doors are similar to the Roll Up door except that rather you slide them to the side, like opening a “slide window”. The third door on our list is the Tilt Canopy. The trick behind this door is that it has a pivoting
mechanism, so it just moves as a whole piece, like lifting a sheet of metal into the air with hinges and stands to support it in air.

The fourth style is the Side-Hinged door. It looks like the door to the entrance of your home with hinges by the side, so you get the idea of it. The fifth style is the Sectional Garage doors. This style is as common as the Rollup door because it doesn’t cost as much as the rest and it also doesn’t require as much level of maintenance as the rest. Maintenance of your garage door is just important as important as installation, and regardless of door type you could contact us for quick servicing to keep it in good shape.

5. Door Material

Depending on what you like and what you can maintain, there are 3 main materials you can choose from; Wood, Steel, and Fiberglass. Each has its way of maintenance and you should find what you can work with, but overall, they’re all equally good to protect your vehicle and other items you’ll be storing in your garage.

You should also consider how extreme the weather in your area gets as that might affect the integrity of the door you are going for. For example, if you live in an area where it snows or rains very often, you might want to opt for a door made out of fiberglass or steel/aluminum since water can compromise the durability of wood.

If you live in an area where it doesn’t rain much and you are going to spend quite some time in your garage, probably there is a part of your garage you converted to your workspace, you might want to stay away from anything metal no matter how beautiful it might appear. Metals tend to generate heat when exposed to sunshine for a period.

6. Choosing an Insulator

An insulator helps you cut down on energy used that will reflect on your electricity bill. Since your door will most likely be connected to the main building and its source of electricity, you might need to consider getting an insulated garage door. Also if you don’t use your garage way too often, it’ll help in saving on energy used.

The R-Value (this measures just how strong an insulator is) should be taken into consideration. The higher the R-Value of an insulator, the lower the energy it will consume. But an insulator is not always necessary. How often you use your garage should influence your choice to get an insulated garage door. If you work from home and barely have reason to open your garage then this might not be your first option; however, if you work from your garage and constantly have to open it, an insulated door is a good investment 

7. Colour

This might not seem necessary, but how would you feel someone wearing a blue shirt on purple trousers with pink sneakers? Color riot, right? The same goes with your door. You don’t want to pick a door color that will conflict with the overall look of your home.

Lucky for you, a variety of doors available at our shop helps you choose a color that matches your building and also your taste. A Black garage door is a conventional choice but there are others to choose from if you don’t want a conventional color style. Iron Ore Walnut and Ice White overlays are also excellent choices.


These are important things to note when choosing your garage door. Have fun and explore various options available and you shouldn’t go wrong with these tips to help in your shopping! Contact us at Royal Garage Doors today to seal the perfect deal.

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