Royal Garage Doors Prices.​

Royal Garage Doors provides a range of high-end quality garage doors for you to choose from; the plus with shopping here is that you get them at the very best price. Our pricing and servicing are transparent, so you never have to worry about a surprise bill. Compared to our competitors, our prices stand out as one of the most affordable in the business.

Garage Door Maintenance

A standard garage door maintenance check includes; a thorough inspection, adequate lubrication, and other specific recommendations from the technician on improvements your garage door might need. Our charge for a maintenance check ranges between $100 – $120 + Tax.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

CHI company who provides doors, openers provide Liftmaster of best quality, and we strictly sell that. The cost of replacing these high-end quality operators starts at $680 + Tax. Do note that the price varies depending on the opener model.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our price for one torsion spring ranges between $160 and $220 + tax. If you have a double spring setup, replacing both springs cost between $280 – $400 + Tax. A single Torsion spring replacement costs 240 + Tax fixed price. However, if your spring is hidden in a metal tube like in Torquemaster spring setups, it would have to be changed to a standard system; the full-service costs $480 + Tax.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

The price to replace a torsion garage door cable varies from $150 to $220 + Tax. If you have a Torquemaster system where the spring is in a metal tube, it would be converted to a standard design. The cost of conversion to a standard system is $480 + Tax.

Garage Door Sensor Replacement

The price for this service depends on the brand of your garage door — however, prices for sensor replacement range from around $120 to $180.

There are no Hidden Charges!

Please note that there are no hidden fees; the pricing includes the cost of the parts and labor, and you get a one-year warranty. There are no extra charges for weekends and holidays too. You should confirm the prices with one of our technicians when you need work done.
It is always best to let the professional advise and help you with your garage door. Ready to fix your garage doors?