Garage Door Services We Provide.

Garage Door Springs Repair/Replacement.

A faulty garage door spring could make the garage door close in on itself and it might get stuck. You should make a call to Royal Garage Doors when you need a new torsion spring to get it running again.

Garage Door Cables & Brackets Repair/Replacement.

Broken Cables and Brackets are usually quick fixes on your garage door, and you should not hesitate to repair or replace a broken cable. Call us at Royal Garage Doors, and have your Garage Door in good shape again within minutes.

Garage Door Opener Repair/Replacement.

Residential garage doors are better, and more conveniently operated using garage door openers. When your garage door opener breaks, it poses a security threat because it can be opened by anyone once the opener is unhook. You should contact us to fix it for you.

Garage Door Maintenance.

Regular servicing is a great idea to keep your garage door in the best condition. Maintenance helps keep it running smoothly, and to foresee any possible future issues in time. This is equally as important as installation and should be given priority.

Weather Stripping & Bottom Seal Replacement

Weather Stripping seals the openings around your garage door to prevent air from entering or going out through your garage door. The bottom seals keeps your garage doors strong & air- tight and prevents flooding. This seals could be vinyl or rubber, and we offer replacements for broken seals to secure the integrity of your garage door.

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