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What Modern Garage Door Best Adorns Your Home?

Choosing a garage door depends on a few factors, most of which are influenced by the individual’s preferences. One factor that is important and is a huge determinant of what you choose is the cost of your purchase. Do you have to spend a fortune to get a garage door that compliments the style of your home? Are affordable garage doors allowing your vehicle easy access and a good sense of security available?

A good garage door should also protect your garage from extreme weather and improve the overall aesthetic of your front porch. It is a big bonus to get all these benefits on a budget. Although it might be a little tough to shop for the perfect door at an affordable price, this article aims to point you in the right direction.

What determines the price of a garage door?

The price of a garage door depends on; the material used during processing, the size of the door, if it opens automatically or manually, and whether it is insulated. It is important to note that quality increases with price. However, making a good buy at a reasonable price is possible. Many affordable doors are strong and have smooth functionality too, and with proper maintenance, a good garage door can last a very long time.

What materials are durable and affordable?

Materials used for the design of your garage door also play a part in how affordable it will be. There are few options of garage door materials which are durable, they are;

1. Steel Doors

Steel doors are a strong and secure option when compared to other materials. Steel does not dent easily, does not rust like Aluminium, and is longer lasting. They are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Canada pretty well too. Steel doors can be styled just as well as Wood garage doors these days, and that makes it a great option too.

The stylish finishing makes it a good choice for residential buildings too, and you can dictate the styling how you want. The plus with steel doors is that they do not cost much more than Aluminium doors; with just a bit more cash, you could get a steel door.

2. Aluminium Doors

Aluminum garage doors are one of the cheapest options in the market, with different design options for your consideration. These door types are very light, and require little rust maintenance, and do not cost a lot of money on initial purchase. They are low maintenance and are a good choice if you do not want to spend too much money. The only issue with Aluminium doors is that they are dented easily, and you have to pay attention to that.

3. Wooden Garage Doors

An advantage to Wooden garage doors is how well you can style them, and they end up with a sleek natural look that looks very attractive. Although they are easily susceptible to extreme weather conditions and shrink or expand depending on temperature changes, you need to pay attention to that. Wooden doors need to be paid attention to too frequently, and they can be maintained with constant servicing, repainting, and refinishing. So they might need replacement and refurbishment after a few years.

Cedarwood is one of the best choices for a wooden door, as they are more pest-resistant and less prone to overall damage. Painted wood with flat hardboard panels is the most economically advisable option; the stain-grained options are a bit more costly. You would enjoy the extra warmth if you prefer a wooden-styled door, but they might require a bit more money to maintain over time.

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4. Plastic and Vinyl Doors

These options are viable for residential buildings but are not strong enough for commercial use. They are lightweight and simply get the job done. Although plastic does not typically rust, it might get oxidized and start to have brown coloration depending on the weather. They are a good option if you’re looking for something cheap, but they regularly crack and you should consider that when making a purchase.

5. Fibre Glass Doors

Fiberglass doors are a new option starting to gain more traction among new homeowners. It is more durable than most options and is equally affordable. These door types are more resistant to rusting, denting, and infestations. An important advantage to note is that they do not rust easily on exposure to salt air, they are suitable for sea-water environments.

They are long-term options because they are low maintenance; Fiberglass is also lightweight, depending on additional glass installations. They are installed with insulated door frames and can be coated to look like a wooden finish. The more stylish finishing is a plus if you consider good style fitting your general home aesthetics.

How important & cost-effective is insulation?

Insulation improves the overall strength and quality of your garage door. Although it is better advisable to do this on installation, you could postpone this for a while if it skews you off budget significantly. For garage doors in a commercial building, it is worth upgrading to a polyurethane insulated door. Insulations prevent dentations and creaking sounds and help to conserve energy. Residential garages might not need the additional insulation, though.

Are manual garage doors more cost-effective than automatic doors?

Electric doors are more expensive than Manual doors, but you might opt for the budget-friendly option to save money. If you decide to go for a manually operated door, then you should get the best material – steel doors are the best of this kind, and you can upgrade to an automatic door later. Although manual garage doors are less convenient to operate, they require much less maintenance than automatic doors.

Automatic garage doors are more expensive because you need to get more parts and factor in an installation fee, but they are the safer option. They are more convenient than too. A plus with these kinds of doors is the sensors and lights that detect when an object is close by and make their use more convenient. In the instance of power irregularities, you can install them with backup batteries to still operate them. If it happens that you are stuck inside with no power they have a safety release cord that you can operate manually to help you get out.


It is best to get a strong, durable, and secure garage door to protect your vehicles and other belongings in your garage. The best option so far seems to be the automatic steel doors, which come at an affordable price, are easily operable, and are safe & secure. To cut costs on your purchase and installation, you should contact your local garage door stores for the best deals. If you are in Canada, contact us at Royal Garage Doors in Ontario to make affordable purchases today! We offer cheap prices on garage door purchases, installations and servicing.

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